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The Worthy Brothers 

The Band

Combining dynamic performance with raw talent, The Worthy Brothers and their music are paving the way as influential musicians for every generation. Each brother in the group performs at the highest level. Their dedication to the art is limitless and this shows in their vibrant performances. 

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The Worthy Brothers Music Group: The Story

How They Got Here

This Jazz Band was created by three Brothers with great ambition and a positive outlook on their musical journey. Ever since they were children, they’ve found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world. Finding success in the music industry is anything but easy, but they’ve managed to stay strong while overcoming personal and professional challenges. Being through so much together has only brought them closer as Brothers, and their hope is to stay true to their main objective which is to make music they can be proud of at the highest level. 

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Kindred Horizons (short preview)

The Manor Tavern Presents: the Worthy Brothers Trio!

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Eric Worthy 


Eric Worthy has held the responsibility of bass player for the Worthy Brothers for many years. His multi-instumental performances are a rare gift as he has capabilities on the electric bass, upright bass and saxophone. 


Zachary Worthy 


Zachary Worthy is truly a shining star. His virtuistic performance, infused with grace and style captivates audiences around the world. Zachary's style bending performances are truly inspiring. His ability to play jazz and showcase classical technique is a wonder to all. 


Aaron Worthy 


The Worthy Brothers wouldn't be complete without the oldest sibling, and the brothers couldn’t have asked for a better one than the talented Aaron Worthy. Aaron plays an instrumental role in the success and musical progression of the band. His genius musical ideas transcend the expectations of even the most critical listeners, taking the music to a level never before seen. 

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Jazz Band Reviews

Respected Insights


Baltimore Jazz Alliance

Eric guided us through the musical journey that he and Zach (and their brother Aaron) traveled from their youth to the present -- playing all the "hardest tunes they could find."  The real surprise of the evening (for me) was Zach's incredible classical chops. He played two pieces that are, indeed, considered among the most difficult in the entire classical repertoire for piano. 

Sheet Music

Charm City Glam

One of the best up and Coming Jazz bands in Baltimore! The Worthy Brothers are accomplished Musicians with a flair for taking you on a musical journey. If you have not been to see them live your missing out!

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Want to learn more about The Worthy Brothers Music Group, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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